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The Campaign for Wool is a global promotion initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, in order to raise awareness about the natural, sustainable and many unique functional benefits provided by wool.

By encouraging mutually rewarding collaboration between an international community of wool growers, manufacturers, retailers, the international design community of both interiors and fashion, as well as embracing the commercial craft sector and artisan community; it is unique in the way it has united a diverse network to promote real wool.

The Campaign aims to further consumer understanding about the versatility of wool, and its broad range of uses,in fabric, furnishings, flooring and fashion as well as its valuable uses in the built environment.

Since its launch in 2010, The Campaign for Wool has influenced a new demand for wool, which has improved its reputation and increased its usage and value across the entire wool chain.  Every year The Campaign for Wool works on promotional initiatives that ensure that the profile of wool is uplifted, maintained and appreciated as the superior fibre for textiles and the consumer.


Five Freedoms

The Campaign’s Freedoms of Sheep

Five Freedoms of Sheep brochure_10401 The Campaign supports a programme devised to create appropriate welfare standards for our global sheep flocks.  These are known internationally as the Five Freedoms and are devised and upheld by leading animal welfare organisations.  

launching the freedoms of sheep campaign

The Campaign for Wool Launches….The Freedoms of Sheep Campaign

The Campaign for Wool will launch our latest educational campaign at Surfaces 2016 focusing on the standards and principles of sheep health and welfare.  Come along and learn about the way sheep are cared for by the global sheep farming

the world is a better place

The Campaign for Wool at The International Surfaces Exhibition 2016

NEW – Launch of The World is Better with Wool and The Freedoms of Sheep The Campaign for Wool, the wool industry’s largest ever promotion for natural, sustainable wool returns to Surfaces (TISE) with its latest initiative – ‘The World